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Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Barcelona Chair

Poul Volther Corona Ottoman
Product information
Depth: 78 cm Height: 76 cm Width: 78 cm Seat height : 43 cm

The Barcelona chair was designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and debuted in 1929 at the World Exhibition in Barcelona. The spanish king and queen were supposed to sit on the chair at the opening og the exhibition. The idea for the Barcelona originated from the roman judge-chair at "Sella curulis". Mies van der Rohe wanted to design the chair as a foldable chair but to fit with the luxurious surroundings he chose to change the deisgn. Instead he chose that the chair should have a chromed flat metal frame which would be welded together. The chair is still made the same way as the original and there are soft pillows for the back and seat. Der are straps underneath the chair to secure the seat and also to secure that the user will have a great experience whilst sitting. Mies van der Rohe Barcelona series contains also other pieces of furniture. You can find this on our online shop; barcelona ottoman, Barcelona table and other variations of the Barcelona chair (e.g. sofa version i 2 and 3 seater) and a luxurious barcelona Daybed. You can also get the Barcelona chair as a kids chair


Pony leather: 3499 AED


Available Colors
AED 2899

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