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Eero Aarnio Ball Chair

Poul Volther Corona Ottoman
Product information
Height: 120 cm Diameter: 100 cm Seat height : 45 cm

The Ball Chair is one of Aarnios first results of glass fibre design in the sixties. This chair is not only renowned for its shape, but also for the ability to suppress external noises and create a quiet atmosphere inside the chair. The great selection of colours enables it to supplement any sort of furnishing. The Ball Chair is by far, one of the most used chairs in science-fiction movies and other media. This furniture is made to be fashionable for ever.
The Ballchair is a place, designed to calm down and relax. You do not even have to worry about in which ancle you place the chair, because it is possible to turn spin the chair 360.


Available Colors
AED 2999

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