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Artichoke inspired by Poul Henningsen

Poul Volther Corona Ottoman
Product information
Bulbs: 1 x 40W E27 Cable length: 156.0 inches

Poul Henningsen conceptualized the luminaire "cone" in 1958, also known as "the artichoke" because of its form. The construction of the luminaire is based on 12 steel arches. On the framework Poul Henningsen placed 72 copper scales, arranged in 12 circles, 6 scales per circle. Every row is shifted to the previous. Thereby all 72 scales cover each other in order to prevent a look at the inside of the lamp with its illuminant. The direct light of the illuminant hits only the white inner surface of the copper scales and generates a sharp shadowing. From these illuminated areas, the light is reflected to the outside of the scales. This remarkable light effect between the in- and outside of the 72 scales and the contrary design together are the outstanding features of the "cone". The "cone", also called "PH artichoke", was originally designed for the restaurant "Langelinie Pavilion" in Copenhagen, where the lamps still belong in the interior arrangement of the restaurant.


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AED 1999

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